Uganda’s Museveni extols Africa-Russia ties during Lavrov visit | Russia-Ukraine war News

Uganda was amongst 17 African states that abstained in a March vote on a UN decision condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has stated he noticed no purpose to criticise Moscow over the invasion of Ukraine, extolling Russian-African friendship through the go to of Russian overseas minister Sergey Lavrov.

Talking alongside Lavrov, who’s on a four-nation African tour searching for assist for Moscow at a time of confrontation with Western powers, Museveni praised Russia as a companion within the wrestle towards colonialism going again a century.

“If Russia makes errors, then we inform them,” Museveni stated, citing his participation in scholar demonstrations towards the crushing of the Prague Spring by the Soviet Union in 1968.

“However after they haven’t made a mistake, we can’t be towards them,” he stated.

Many African international locations, which import Russian grain and power whereas additionally shopping for Ukrainian grain and benefitting from Western support flows and commerce ties, have prevented taking sides over the warfare in Ukraine.

Uganda was amongst 17 African nations that abstained in a March vote on a United Nations decision condemning the Russian invasion, which was supported by 141 international locations out of 193.

Lavrov praised what he described as “the accountable and balanced place taken by Uganda and different African states”, accusing the West of displaying a colonial mindset by demanding that Africa undertake an anti-Russian stance.

This chimed with Museveni’s remarks, during which he drew closely on historic occasions to clarify his desire for staying on good phrases with each Russia and the West.

“Every time points come up and a few individuals need us to take positions towards Russia, we are saying, ‘However you individuals, these individuals have been with us for the final 100 years, how can we be routinely towards them?’” Museveni stated.

“We’ve got even forgiven our former enemies, the colonialists, those who’ve colonised us, those who had really taken slaves from right here and who did unhealthy issues. We’ve got forgiven them and we’re working them,” he stated.

Paying homage to the Chilly Warfare, Museveni, who has been in energy for 36 years, stated that when requested if he was pro-West or pro-East, he rejected the query as idiotic.

“I’m pro-myself. And I cope with different individuals in line with how they relate with my very own curiosity,” he stated.

Lavrov has already visited Egypt and the Republic of Congo. From Uganda, he’ll head to Ethiopia, which has lengthy been a stalwart ally of the West however has just lately clashed with america over its conduct of a battle in its northern area of Tigray.

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